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Choose From Four Consultation Programs

At Empowerment Financial Solutions, we offer four program options. Each one of them comes with corresponding flat monthly rates. Select the service package that suits your business and financial goals perfectly:

  • Bronze Consulting Package - $199.00

  • Silver Consulting Packagee - $299.99

  • Gold Consulting Package - $399.99

  • Platinum Consulting - $449.99

A peace of mind

We provide insurance products to provide you and your family with a peace of mind. We provide business and financial consultations  to help improve your business. Experience Freedom.

The People We Help

Being financially literate is crucial to your personal or business growth. As certified consultants and advisers, we always emphasize this point to every client who comes to us for assistance.

We give advice to young professionals eager to find expedient ways of managing college loan payments as they grow their fledgling careers. Our certified consultants also guide you through every step of the  process so that you may qualify for loans again. This enables startup owners or up-and-coming career pros in their 20s or mid-40s to establish a robust financial capability vital to their growth.

Your Personable, Trustworthy Partners

Having a positive report allows you to acquire the financial stability to qualify for and secure personal loans, business loans, insurance plans, or mortgage programs. As your advisers in this aspect, we value the trust you give us. Rely on us to help you achieve that financial capability.

Call us to schedule a meeting. You may also email us to request free quotes.

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