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Consultation Testimonies

The clients we serve at Empowerment Financial Solutions are the most credible sources of proof that there will always be credit repair options applicable to every financial situation. Read on to get more insights from our valued clients:

"Mrs. LaTonya consultation has been helping me get back on track with my finances. I was able to get a 2013 Dodge Journey with 60 thousand miles God ain't done with me yet and she's not done with me either continue to trust the process." -Jameeka S.

"Being with the Empowerment Consulting has been trying but thanks to LaTonya Roberts and her ministry she encouraged me and spoke life to me to hang on in there so I wanna show you the results. Thank you Jesus!!!" -Arkeem M.

"Empowerment Consulting is helping me be debt free Thank you LaTonya. Didn't know which way to turn it have been a Blessing to me." -Ophelia G.

"It feels good to be connected to a great team of individuals. With Empowerment Consulting my score has improved from 458 to a 671. This process didn’t happen overnight and there were days I wanted to call it quits. You have to really “TRUST THE PROCESS.” Thanks to LaTonya Roberts for pushing me and everyone else to be “Debt Free." -Kisya B.

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